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Ocean Republik Academy

Discover the magic of water sports  in Ocean Republik Academy. This “aquatic academy” will teach our children and youngsters how to become amateurs and enjoy various aquatic sports: windsurf, surf and stand up paddle (SUP).


Whatever sport we chose that day will be selected according to weather conditions, that way we will be sure to use our time wisely and take the maximum advantage of every session. For example, if one day the wind is perfect, we will certainly windsurf. Next week waves are class? Then we’ll head on to surf and SUP.


The main idea is having fun in the water, no matter the amount of time we have. We will always try to prioritize windsurf over the other sports, as it is the most demanded one.The minimum age required is 8 years old, since these sports involve a certain strength and physical development, and it is important that children enjoy as much as they can. The scheduled for the Ocean Republik Academy will be:

  • Sunday from 10:30 til 12:30 for children age 8-11.
  • Sunday 12:00 to 14:00 for children age 11-14.
  • Saturday from 12:00 to 14:00  for ages from 14 and above.

The price will be 190 € starting on the weekend of the 16th-17th of September until 25th-26th of November. (The price includes all the equipment needed and wetsuit if available) 

This year we'll start with and advance level for the kids that have windsurfed before and want to improve their sailing.

For this level it is a must for us to supervise your skills before you can enter this group.


On the coldest months (December and January), we will take a break on this activity, and we’ll begin again by either February or March 2015.


To set up any schedule send us an e-mail with the details of the participants: full name, age, and contact number.



To contact us, please fill up the spaces underneath, and briefly describe the reason of your request.